Make More Money

Making money from events is tough. FastBar helps you increase your revenue and eliminate or radically decrease theft and loss. At the end of the day, your events become more profitable.


Increase Revenue

When attendees can pay in less than 1 second, lines move quicker. When lines move quicker, you sell more food, beverages and merchandise. Nobody wants to wait in line 20 minutes for a beer.

Industry reports prove that cashless payments increase revenue by 16-35% or more. At FastBar events, we’ve seen attendees spend double what they would otherwise.


Eliminate Theft and Loss

Cash management is hard. If your event is cash-heavy, you’re losing a lot of money. Theft and loss at events is an unfortunate reality. Industry experts estimate cash-heavy events typically lose 5-20% of their revenue due to theft and loss, depending on their cash management procedures.

No matter what, if you’re dealing with a lot of cash, you’re losing money. You’re also increasing your risk and spending more on security.

With FastBar, there is no cash at the bar. The number of hands dealing with dealing with cash is minimized, helping you to eliminate or greatly reduce the risk of theft and loss.

Improve Satisfaction

Attendees come to events to have fun. They want to enjoy the entertainment, spend time with their friends and make new ones. Nobody wants to wait in huge lines just to grab a drink or a bite to eat.

Across all of our events, attendees report a median satisfaction score of 5 out of 5 when using FastBar.


Reduce Lines

Long lines suck for attendees. Events hate them as well, since it harms revenue and reputation.

When attendees pay with cash, typical transaction times are 15-30 seconds. Credit cards can sometimes take 45-90 seconds, and that’s if your credit card machines work at all (many don’t if the Internet connectivity is poor).

With FastBar’s easy to use, fully offline capable Point of Sale, transactions times are reduced to less than 1 second, no matter what’s going on with the Internet.


Happier Attendees = Happier Staff

When you’re attendees are happier, your staff is happier. And when your staff is happier, you’re happier. And who doesn’t want a bit more happiness in their life? :)

Your staff will love using FastBar’s simple and super-intuitive system. Training typically takes less than 3 minutes. It’s the easiest Point of Sale system they’ve ever used.

Get More Insight

What were you top sellers at your last event? What percentage of your sales were driven by those top sellers? How much revenue did you make in your busiest hour? Too often, events are relying on gut instinct and magical thinking to answer these questions.

FastBar gives you precise, real-time data and analytics during and after the event, so you can make better decisions.


Know what you’re selling and when

If you order too much product, you could be stuck with a bunch of excess inventory. Order too little and you’re running out early, causing upset attendees and lost revenue.

When it comes to staffing, if you over staff, you’re unnecessarily increasing your labor costs. If you under staff, you’re upsetting attendees and losing valuable revenue.

FastBar’s real-time analytics helps you understand your business better. You know exactly what you’re selling and when, which helps make better decisions during the event, and for the next one.


Improve Staff Accountability

Lots of cash means lots of opportunity for theft and loss. You may know what your total revenue was, but what was it per area, or per bar, or point point of sale? Were there significant differences between points of sale at a specific bar? What about between different areas?

FastBar brings this information to light and detects any anomalies, so you get better insight into the performance of your event.

Want to give FastBar a go for your next event? Drop us a line, we’d be happy to setup time for a demo and answer any questions you may have.