What Is Fastbar?

FastBar is a cashless payment system for events. It helps eliminate long bar lines by making it quick, easy and secure to pay for beverages, food and merchandise at events.

How Does It Work?


1. Register


2. Collect Wristband


3. How about a drink?

When you arrive at an event, you get a wristband that’s linked to your credit card. At the bar, you pay by tapping your wristband on a reader. At the end of the event, we automatically close you out with the credit card on file, and send you an electronic receipt. It’s kind of like Uber, but for an event bar.

Step 1: Register

If your event has enabled it, you can register online ahead of time. Alternatively, you’ll register onsite when you arrive at your event. If you register online, it makes the process of picking up your wristband at the event a bit quicker, and ensures we can send you an email receipt after the event.

Step 2: Pick Up Your Wristband

When you arrive at the event, you’ll collect your wristband, which will be linked up to your credit card.

Step 3: Pay With Your Wristband

At the bar, you’ll pay by tapping your wristband on a reader. Payments take less than a second. It’s super quick and easy.

Step 4: Automatic Closeout

At the end of the event, we automatically close you out with the credit card on file and send you an electronic receipt detailing your purchases.

Depending on your event, gratuity may be automatically added to the bill to make sure your bartender is taken care of. Contact your event organiser for more info on gratuity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Security?

FastBar is more secure than using cash or credit card.

If you lose cash, it's gone forever. If you lose your credit card, you're now spending hours of your time cancelling your card, getting a new one and re-linking it to all of the websites and services you use, including the ones that you’ve got setup for autopay. In addition, your credit card can be used anywhere but your FastBar wristband is locked to a specific event, and can’t be used outside of that event.

Your FastBar wristband has a secure one way clasp, so it won't fall off. If for some reason you did lose it, just head back to the registration station where you got your wristband at your event and we’ll cancel your old wristband and give you a new one.

Does My FastBar Wristband Have My Credit Card Or Any Personal Information On It?

No. Your wristband never contains any personal information.

Can My Wristband Be Used To Pay For Stuff At Other Places?

No. Your wristband is locked so that it only works at a specific event location and only works during the event. After the event, it can no longer be used.

Can I Link More Than 1 Wristband to My Tab?

Yes, if your tab is backed by a credit card, you can link multiple wristbands to it, for example for a spouse or for friends. If your tab is backed by cash, you can only link 1 wristband to it.

Are My Credit Card Details Safe?

Yes. Your credit card details are never stored on FastBar's servers. Rather, we use a secure, PCI compliant payment processor trusted by millions of customers around the world. The same SSL encryption technology used by banks is used to protect your information.

How Much Does It Cost?

FastBar is free for you, the attendee.