The FastBar System

Bring your event into the 21st century with FastBar’s purpose-built system for cashless payments at live events.


Point Of Sale

FastBar’s modern point of sale system is designed and built specifically for events.

It’s easy to use, and simple to learn. Your staff will love you for choosing FastBar.


Event Control Center

Take control of your event with FastBar’s secure, cloud-based Event Control Center.

Manage all aspects of your event in real time from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.


Registration and Onsite Attendee Management

Attendees can register onsite in as little as 20 seconds, or online ahead of time for even quicker entry.

Easily provide onsite support: view an attendee’s tab, deactivate wristbands or issue new ones, switch a credit card, and load or refund cash with ease.

Built for Live Events. Battle Tested.

FastBar was built by event organizers for event organizers.


Works Offline

So you can keep selling no matter what’s going on with the Internet.


No App Needed For Attendees

Attendees don’t need to download anything to use FastBar.


Mobile Friendly

Get a real-time view of your event on the go from your phone.



Allow admin or read-only access to the Event Control Center for as many people as you need.



Create different areas like “Outside”, “Inside Upstairs“ and “Inside Main Bar” to slice and dice your reports by location.


Attendee Types

Add as many attendee types like General Admission and VIP as you need for promotions and reporting.


Collect Opt-Ins

Collect opt-ins and demographic information from attendees when they register online or onsite.


Easy Adjustments

Easily make adjustments to any attendee’s tab during or after the event from the Event Control Center.

Sell Your Way

Selling stuff at live events is hard. FastBar’s purpose-built system makes it easy for you to sell food, beverage and merchandise at live events.


Cash or Card

Attendees can connect a card and have the convenience of running a tab, or load cash and spend down against the balance.



Add a default tip that’s either fixed, or changeable by attendees.


Multiple Products

Easily add as many products as you like. Change images and prices real-time during your event.


Multiple Menus

Create as many menus as you like, for example “Inside Bar”, “Outside Food”, “Merchandise” etc… Add as many products to each menu as you need.


Custom Items

Add custom items right from the POS if you don’t know what you’ll be selling ahead of time.



Add whatever taxes you’re required to collect in your area.


Electronic Drink Tickets

Include different benefits depending on the type of attendee. Example: General Admission attendees get “2 free beer or wine” and VIP attendees get “5 free beer, wine or liquor”.


Collect Money With Stripe

FastBar never holds your money, rather you collect it directly into your Stripe account. It’s free to set up and takes less than 5 minutes.

Comprehensive, Real-Time Reporting

Know what you’re selling and, when you’re selling it and where. Make better decisions during the event, and for the next event.


Sales Insights

Detailed breakdown of sales by product, category, area and menu. Narrow down by different days or times.


Attendee Reports

Know how many attendees are registering for FastBar, along with when and where.



Collect feedback directly from attendees after the event.



Easily export your sales data for further analysis in Excel or other analytics software.

Want to give FastBar a go for your next event? Drop us a line, we’d be happy to setup time for a demo and answer any questions you may have.